A Treatment That Works!

Since 2016, Nagayu CO2 hydrotherapy has helped thousands of dogs suffering from skin issues around the world; problems like eczema, hot spot, itchiness, dandruff, bug bites, and hair loss. Obvious improvement may be seen after 1~2 sessions, and it requires nothing more than a 3 minutes shower.

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How Does It Work?


With the natural ingredient(citric acid and sodium carbonate), one single tablet transform the running water to an all-inclusive spa treatment, soothing irritated skin and improves skin issues. 


When using CO2 shower, these millions of bubbles penetrate and break off all the dirt, grease and whatever residue that's not suppose to be there. Provides a healthy environment for faster recovery. 


Through skin, CO2 enters into blood vessels and cause it to expand, which allows more nutrients to be transported. The increasing of CO2 also changes the environment pH scale, that allows cells to absorb more oxygen. 

Ways to Use


If the dog's coat get very greasy quickly, you can use a towel to soak up CO2 spa, and wipe it on skin and coat for daily care. 


You can dissolve one tablet in spray bottle and apply on the problem area daily. But do use the CO2 spa spray within 12 hours for best result.

Shower (Most Recommend)

After rinsing off shampoo, place one CO2 tablet into the shower head and rinse it like regular shower. It will give you a much deeper cleansing result than regular water, applies moisturizing supplement on skin & coat at the same time.


Place one tablet for every 30 liters of water while having your pet in the tub. Soaking in a Nagayu spa allows more CO2 enters into the body and creates metabolism boost, provide faster recovery from illness and wound.

 Steps to Use

Start with a proper bath

Final rinse with CO2 shower

Blow-dry throughly

 How to use

Step 1 - Open the cap

Step 2 - Place a tablet

Step 3 - Start rinsing

 Lactic Acid & Coconut Oil

CO2 Tablet For Pet | Lactic Acid | 100 Pack
CO2 Tablet For Pet | Lactic Acid | 100 Pack

CO2 Tablet For Pet | Lactic Acid | 100 Pack

CO2 Tablet For Pet | Coconut Oil | 100 Pack
CO2 Tablet For Pet | Coconut Oil | 100 Pack

CO2 Tablet For Pet | Coconut Oil | 100 Pack