Nagayu High Pressure Professional Showerhead
Nagayu High Pressure Professional Showerhead
Nagayu High Pressure Professional Showerhead

High Pressure Professional Showerhead

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■ Light weighted & packed size. Suitable for professional use.

■ Built-in compartment for Nagayu CO2 tablet

■ Improve water pressure, breaks up shampoo faster


For 1/2 inch hose  /  weight 60g  /  size 10 x 5cm   / Made In China


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The Showerhead Designed for the Professionals

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Does your job requires to hold a showerhead for a very long time? Nagayu Pro. Showerhead is your best choice for professional use.  It is so light that doesn't feel real. And the compacted size allows you to give massage and rinsing at the same time.

Water Pressure - 300% UP

Tired of low water pressure? Just switched to Nagayu Pro. Showerhead and instant feel the upgrade! You don't need to pay an expensive fee for a better pump, a simply showerhead will just do the trick. Turning a low pressure shower to a strong comfortable spa.

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Gentle Stream - 0.3mm

The water holes on the stainless plate is penetrated by micro laser mechanism, the diameter is only 0.3mm. This technique not only strengthen the water pressure, it also provide a very thin & gentle water stream that breaks off shampoo more effectively. 

Water Saving - 30%

Stop wasting water! You can save up so much water and money simply just change to Nagayu Pro. Showerhead. 

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Emilie Frank

Hair Stylist

I rinse about  20 customers a day, it's about 100 minutes that I'm holding the showerhead.  The showerhead I used to have weighs about 300g, so my right arm hurts from time to time because the long hours I was carrying it. I'm very pleased with Nagayu's ultra light showerhead, it just makes my job a lot easier. 

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Lewis Todd

Interior Designer

I travels oversea quite often for interior design exhibition, and 1 out of 3 hotels that I stayed alway has a very bad water pressure in the shower room. That's just very frustrating because I really want a nice shower especially after a long  day. So I'm always packed Nagayu showerehead every time I travel, it make the shower experience so much better. 

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Maria Holmes

Dog Groomer 

Absolutely amazing! I've been using it for 2 years now and got 4 of them for my shop. The water pressure got so much stronger and breaks off shampoo instantly, save so much time on rinsing.  I even carry two of them to grooming contest just in case the water pressure there is not strong enough.

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